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Shenzhen Haisi 'an Biotechnology Co., Ltd., established in 2016, is dedicated to in vitro diagnosis (IVD) industry in life and health industry, focusing on instant detection (POCT), and Haisi's unique instant detection technology is in the leading position in the world.The company is positioned as a technical solution provider and an application product supplier. Based on its strong R&D strength and foundation, it will carry out research and development on the contents and products of reagent diagnosis for autoimmune antibodies, infectious disease detection, tumor marker detection, drugs, food safety detection, veterinary detection, etc., which are required by the market, around grassroots medical institutions such as community hospitals, small and medium-sized clinics, village clinics, and clinical departments of non-laboratory departments of medium and large hospitals, such as inpatient nursing department, emergency department, consumer groups, reagent product manufacturers and laboratories of scientific research institutes.The company has a number of patents with independent intellectual property rights. In addition to its own real-time detection technology and products, the company also provides: standard products/reference products for detection and research experiments, and related customized services.Chemical synthesis department maintains more than 200 pharmaceutical companies, providing them with customized compound technical services.